The Powershot Sensor

Power and speed when executing slapshots and snapshots are vital to every hockey player. We have created a major technological innovation that will forever change the way amateur and professional athletes train for this sport. 


FWD Powershot—empowering your daily training regime

Designed by the FWD-Quattriuum team, the FWD Powershot is a sensor that attaches to your hockey stick, enabling you to measure different aspects of your performance.

The technology in the FWD Powershot learns how you play, targets your strengths and weaknesses, follows your progress over time and compares your performance with that of other players.

Because we’re passionate about sports and cutting-edge technology, we realized there was no technological solution that enabled players to push their talent one step further. We combined our strengths to create an accessible and ultra-efficient tool—something that would bring science to our national sport.

The FWD Powershot enables you to measure the power and speed of your shot and the amplitude and execution speed of your swing. Analyze your performance, watch your progress and compare results with teammates. Start training today and achieve specific, measurable goals.


FWD Powershot measures


The time required to complete the shot. This is calculated as the time between the stick leaving the playing surface and the stick impacting the puck.


The angle is the maximum amplitude of the swing. This is a measurement (in degrees) of the size of your backswing.


This metric is estimated based on other data (duration, angle, acceleration, etc.). The estimate assumes that you execute your shot correctly. 


The weight transfer is the intensity of the power transferred into the shot motion—a combination of the acceleration gained by shifting body weight and the acceleration of your arms.


The rotational speed is the angular velocity of the stick in degrees per second. It can be expressed as the speed with which the stick performs the circular motion of the shot. 



Created in 2012 by a group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, FWD-Quattriuum specializes in motion tracking and analysis.

Drawing on its team’s specialized expertise in the areas of telecommunications, microelectronics and computing, the company aims to export these competencies to other sectors and increase the range of potential applications.

Measurement and analysis of human gestures

By offering personalized solutions for measuring and analyzing human gestures, FWD-Quattriuum is joining an international movement exploring the new frontier of the quantified self. Our experts integrate movement-tracking technology into attractive and interactive applications that enable you to analyze, present, share and compare results. We develop complex algorithms and high-performance systems dedicated to quantifying and analyzing movement.

Performance analysis tools for amateur and professional sports

Inspired by a deep digital understanding of motion, FWD-Quattriuum is working to create products for sports organizations as well as amateur and professional athletes. We aim to help players understand and improve their individual and collective performance.